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Medical dressing trolley with drawer

Medical dressing trolley made ​​of high quality 304 stainless steel , with anti- rust , corrosion -resistant and easy to clean effect for customers to use in the acid environment.
Medical dressing trolley with drawer  for double-layer structure , solid plate welding process. Beneath the layers of board drawer that can be used to place fragile items and valuables , safe and practical. 200mm and 500mm shelf surrounded laminates to prevent slipping in pharmaceuticals during transport . Single- handle design for easy sliding , thicker type circular design, better comfort . Column equipped with refuse chutes can be placed plastic medical trash , garbage bags, medical waste is placed to facilitate health care , to prevent secondary pollution .
Come on three sides of the position of stainless steel hook , convenient place some medical supplies , can greatly reduce the burden of health care operations , improve efficiency and save time. 
The Medical dressing cart trolley with drawer is a limited customization by Tasly Modern Chinese medicine resources , the company is our long-term customers , many times together.
medical dressing trolley
Medical dressing trolley with drawer


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