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The cases of production line handcart

The cases of production line handcart      

        Henan Sebon Industries Co., Ltd has been adhering to the "customers first" principle and the "wholeheartedly for customer service" for the purpose for many years. For a long time, according to the industry characteristics and customers’ needs from all walks of life, our company designed and produced different series of handcarts. Furi Group Co., Ltd is a collection of traditional industries such as home textiles and new energy industry and high-tech industry in one diversified enterprise group, and is also the largest production scale home textiles company in the world. Furi Group, as one of the largest enterprises in cooperation, has built up long-term cooperation with our company products, the RCS-029 model handcarts in production line.

       Production line handcart is double layers steel trolley. The laminate is formed to edgefold by cold rolled sheet. The upper laminate is plain board, the lower laminate is salver type in which can place small items, avoiding sideslip drop. It is effective reinforcing plate. The handle is single and lateral, moving more convenient. The whole strip type caster is installed at the bottom plate, which can effectively support vehicle and strengthen bearing weight. Meanwhile, in accordance with the requirements of the customers, we have a careful design and production, which greatly combines with the industry characteristics of the customers, leading the design and production of a series of production lines handcart products.

      Henan Sebon Industries Co., Ltd, its design and production technology is the first-class in the same industry, which can greatly meet the diverse needs of customers. Having drawn the attention of customers since its launch, and also received the affirmation and support of customers from all walks of life. We firmly believe that with customer support and love we will do better. If necessary, please contact us. We will use good quality and attentive service to return your trust. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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Besides, the product material quality in stocks is complete, the reserve is big, and delivery can be immediate.Our service is the "one-stop" work style. We have our own processing factory and the pre- treatment factory, pre-treatment for shipbuilding steel (ball blasting , derusting,painting).Surface pretreatment line technical parameters on steelplates and profile steel. And we can also make the customers enjoy our other pre-treatment services,like cutting,welding,drilling holes,galvanizing by the lowest cost

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