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The cases of warehousing logistics series handcarts

 The cases of warehousing logistics series handcarts

      Henan Sebon Industries Co., Ltd always adhere to the "customer first" principle, studying and developing new products for a long time to design and produce satisfying products for all customers. In terms of warehousing logistics series handcarts, we successfully built up long-term cooperation with Shanghai Feiyu Laboratory Equipments Co., Ltd, which is a domestic joint venture. According to the various requirements of the customers, we carried out professional design and manufacture during our cooperation, which well satisfies the customers’ demands.

      Warehousing logistics series handcarts are mainly used for the transportation of case goods and office facilities. Warehousing logistics series tablet handcarts used in the office building such as small goods turnover multi-functional handcarts, shopping handcarts and mobile shelves, the castors of which are mainly of natural rafter glue, adding other formula materials, they have good elasticity, wear resistance, no drag mark, so they have strong impact resistance. Caster bearing adopts the special 6201 and 6303 ball bearing, precision bearing clearance standard, making the casters have more lubrication, less rolling resistance and quiet characteristics.

      Henan Sebon Industries Co., Ltd has the most professional and advanced technology in the market of warehousing logistics series handcarts. Having received the favor and praise of many customers, and we will do better in the future. If necessary, please contact us. We will use good quality and attentive service to return your trust. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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Besides, the product material quality in stocks is complete, the reserve is big, and delivery can be immediate.Our service is the "one-stop" work style. We have our own processing factory and the pre- treatment factory, pre-treatment for shipbuilding steel (ball blasting , derusting,painting).Surface pretreatment line technical parameters on steelplates and profile steel. And we can also make the customers enjoy our other pre-treatment services,like cutting,welding,drilling holes,galvanizing by the lowest cost

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