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Lab medical instrument handcart RCS-033

Lab medical handcart introduction:
1.its surface is very smooth, so it is easy to disinfect and clean. Its casters are agile without noisy, so this kind of handcart is especially suitable to be used in the laboratory.
2. Its structure is real plate welding frame, which is firm and even. The later four polishing processes make all the delicates in good places. 
3. Lab medical instrument handcart is divided into three layers, using the monolithic fence all around, the length of the direction of a guardrail can open, convenient for goods handling, high guardrail density, which can effectively prevent slide of small items in transit, two universal, two universal with brake.
4. Strong and durable surface coating, stamping resistance, corrosion resistance, neat and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture deformation.The up and down or so tie-in group, unlimited extension.
5. The polyurethane casters and screw galvanized wheel frame are capable of wear-resistance and reducing vibration advantages. They make lab medical instrument utility handcart not only easy and flexible to operate but also has good bearing capacity and durability.
Lab medical handcart
RCS-033A RCS-033B RCS-033C
850*560*900MM 700*480*900MM 600*400*850MM
Load capacity
300KG 220KG 180KG
Stainless steel primary color
Optional material
Stainless steel 304/201
25.9KG 22.7KG 18KG
Solid plate frame welding
Guardrail height
70MM 60MM 50MM
Interlayer spacing
330MM 320MM 310MM
Caster diameter
100MM 100MM 75MM
Cater type
PU wheel, bottom galvanized wheel frame, two directional casters, two universal with brake
Handcart dimensional drawing
Lab medical instrument handcart
Handcart details diagram
lab medical instrument utility handcart
lab medical instrument handcart
three layers lab medical handcart



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