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Mobile steel book cart,Double-sided combination-shelf book cart RCA-2D-LIB15

Mobile steel book cart RCA-2D-LIB15:
1.Library double stroller sides adopt unique square hole design,artistic sense is stronger, more beautiful appearance generous,can be widely used in libraries, archives, office and the bookstore Press shop, exhibition hall, family, study, etc.
2.The library book car for double, W bucket design,can double place books, information and archives, etc, can be placed 80-120 books and materials, etc,beautiful and practical, greatly improve the work efficiency, the car bucket through strengthening processing, bearing ability.
3.Mobile steel double-sided book cart welding parts with high fusion welding, surface level off is smooth,do not produce harm to human body and the surrounding environment, non-toxic, no side effect, no peculiar smell when using.
4.The vehicle surface after pickling, phosphating, adopt green environmental protection powder electrostatic coating,Antirust performance is remarkable, bright and smooth, according to customer needs and spraying all sorts of color Perfect collocation, make its and the use environment.
5.The Double-sided combination-shelf book cart is made of high quality square tube car armrest, arc design,push and pull carts conveniently, reasonable design, make push-pull book car more convenient.
6.Library double shelves W type book cart adopts high quality cold-rolled steel sheet material,after cutting board, folding, bending, welding processing and forming, strong and durable, good bearing performance,to guarantee the use of 5-10 years Life.


Load capacity


Cold-rolled steel
Solid plate frame welding


Interlayer spacing


Caster Diameter
Caster Type
PU wheel,galvanized wheel carrier,two directional, two universal with brake


Mobile steel double-sided book cartDouble-sided combination-shelf book cartMobile steel double-sided book cartMobile steel library book cartMobile steel library book cartmetal steel book cart

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