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Hospital treatment trolley,mobile hospital utility trolley with drawer RCS-H0Z20


Product introduction:
Hospital Treatment Trolley RCS-H0Z20 is mainly used in medical equipment  handling, greatly reduce the burden of the operation of the hospital staff.The three layer model wheelbarrow divied into 3 layers, three sides have barriers on the upper layer, objects can be placed, lower part has a drawer, push-pull flexible no noise; Middle layer is mesh basket, lower for the tablet, can put the goods at the maximum, castor for two universal, two universal with brake, flexible operation. 
Mobile hospital treatment trolley RCS-H0Z20 body materials is high quality 304 stainless steel, good anticorrosion, frame plate welding, homogeneous solid; Layer board using HL filament board, high quality and tidy, easy cleaning, strengthen part at the bottom of the square tube argon arc welding is applied to make bottom frame; Polyurethane wheels, possesses the advantages of shock absorption and wear-resisting, not only convenient and flexible manipulation, which makes medical transporter and bearing capacity is strong and durable;
Mobile hospital utility trolley with drawer casters also can choose mute configuration, using natural rubber, more wear-resisting; Medical treatment vehicle surface is smooth, easy disinfection and swab, flexible wheel without noise, especially suitable for use in hospital.
Hospital Treatment Trolley 

Max load capacity
Stainless steel natural color
Solid plate frame welding
Optional material
Stainless steel 304/201
Guardrail height
Drawer size
Interlayer spacing
Caster diameter
Caster type
PU wheel, screw galvanized wheel rack, two directional, two universal with brake

Handcart dimensional drawing

Hospital Treatment Utility Trolley

Mobile hospital treatment trolley


Product details diagram

Mobile hospital utility trolley with drawer

Mobile hospital treatment trolley with drawer


Handcart castor details diagram 

Mobile hospital treatment trolley

Mobile hospital treatment utility trolley


hospital treatment utility trolley

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