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Foldable platform trolley,Plastic mute folding platform hand trolley on wheels

Foldable platform trolley feature:
1. Absolutely noiseless
Provide you a quiet and comfortable working environment, the casters adopt Japanese technology, special nylon material and fitted with bearings, so it is silent when walking
2. Absolutely lightly
Ease to use, the more you push more lightly, greatly reduced your work intensity and improve work efficiency.
3. Absolutely durable
Folding platform hand trolley casters are made of high quality natural rubber and Japanese formula ingredients, the using life is three times of the normal trolley
4. Absolutely traceless
High wear resistance won’t hurt any ground( anti-static floor, wood floor, carpet, marble floor, tile floor)
5. Absolutely attractive
Innovative material reduced the trolley weight; collapsible armrest saved more space for you.
6. Absolutely assured
18 months quality guarantee period, nothing for you to worry about.
7. Absolutely environmental protection
Adopt environmental friendly powder coating technology, high quality natural rubber.
Trolley plate:
Sebon Plastic mute folding platform hand trolley plate, all new material made, adopt X reinforced rib design. The plate is elastic, toughness. Service life is greatly enhanced.
Foldable platform trolley

 Folding platform hand trolleyFolding platform hand trolley

Folding platform hand trolley

Plastic mute folding platform hand trolleyFolding platform hand trolleyFoldable platform trolley


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