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Mute storage cage cart,plastic flatbed handcart with sides LS300-AM1

The characteristics of Mute storage cage cart LS300-AM1:
Plastic plate: Main material by special polypropylene recycled material, with other ingredients of materials. Light weight, toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-slip design.
Handrail: Made by SPCC seamless steel tube, 2.0mm thickness using triple powdery bottom coating process. High-grade appearance, durability, folding or fixed.
Mute casters: wheel rack adopts steel structure and all kinds of other ingredients. Corrosion resistance, strong toughness, impact resistant, unique appearance.
Caster bearings: Two special ball bearings, precision bearing clearance standard, making the casters have more lubrication, less rolling resistance and quiet characteristics.
Caster materials: PU tread, PP hub and other materials make the wheel have good flexibility, wear resistance, no drag marks. And enhance the impact resistance of the whole caster.
Product introduction of plastic mute storage cage cart LS300-AM1:
The main materials of its plate and casters respectively made by special polypropylene recycled materials, polyurethane and other materials, which caters the energy conservation and environmental protection and circular economy industry guidance policy advocated by our country in the new period. Injection molding plate with good corrosion resistance. Stiffener in the plate bottom has good impact resistance. Besides, it is configurated with two pairs of guide wheels and positioning wheels. Its snug, fit and folding handrail is easy to store.
Plastic flatbed handcart with sides LS300-AM1 is novel and beautiful. Because of the synthetic plastic bodies and casters, the weight of the entire carts is decreased. Unique mute, transmission technology designed to make them travel silently and quickly. It is widely used in the factory, office building, library, hotel, catering industry, logistics transportation materials handing industry.

Mute storage cage cart

Lower plate height
Deep blue
Castor diameter
Max load capacity
Caster type
natural rubber,two directional wheels,two universal


plastic mute storage cage cart

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