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Industrial tool handcart,2-shelf stainless steel industrial trolley RCS-023

Industrial tool handcart RCS-023introduction: 
1, Double layer structure, solid plate frame welding process, welding polished smooth, elegant and beautiful, curved double armrest design, ergonomic function mechanics, push-pull more convenient. 
2, 2-Shelf industrial tool handcart with high-quality stainless steel SUS304/316 material, rust-proof and easy to clean, suitable for a variety of workplaces. Large load-bearing capacity. 
3, Simple design, all the product are produced in accordance with the large load capacity and frequent use conditions, adopt good load-bearing properties, wear resistance of polyurethane casters and nylon casters. 
4, 2-Shelf stainless steel industrial trolley have polyurethane wheels, screw galvanized wheel frame, configure with large load capacity casters , push-pull flexible. Two universal, two universal with brake, can effectively control the cart, good braking performance.
Industrial tool handcart
2-Shelf industrial tool handcart
2-Shelf stainless steel industrial trolleystainless steel industrial trolleystainless steel industrial hand trolley2-shelf stainless steel industrial hand trolley
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