Corporate Culture
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Enterprise vision
Become the industry leader for the micro logistics products

Corporate mission
Focus on customer demand, adhering to the "a minimum" faith, continue to create value for customers

The core values
Customer first: began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction, forever is committed to customer satisfaction and success
Teamwork: is the general situation consciousness, team spirit and service spirit
Learning innovation: keep learning to improve, the pursuit of excellence, is committed to product and service innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, through innovation to produce high value-added products and services
Honesty integrity: honesty and trustworthy, real line, but it is every employee's behavior, but also the operating rules of enterprise
Serious and responsible, abide by professional ethics, and improve execution, strictly observe the rules and regulations, make order, loyal to their duties, conscientious, completes the labor of duty
People-oriented:respect for the individual, fully respect the staff of the realization of self-worth

ZTC Carts customized services

If you have any special required size, material, layer numbers, and load-bearing properties for the trolleys, please kindly send the relevant parameters or drawings to us, we will provide professional customized service of the trolleys

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